Using big data to simplify supply chain management

UX and UI Design for Paradata


Paradata offers a suite of B2B products that use machine learning to deliver efficiency and cost savings across supply chains. Yeti collaborated with Paradata to build BOM Advantage, a web app designed for providing electronics manufacturers with clinical insights about a Bill of Materials.

As a designer on this project, I worked with Yeti's lead designer and Paradata's product managers to translate product requirements into new features and workflows with an updated UI system.


Data visualizations and widgets in the project overview are designed to enrich a bill of materials and provide descriptive and prescriptive insights throughout a project’s lifecycle.


Materials List

Each of the widgets on the overview page clicks through to a custom configuration of the materials list so users can view their items from that perspective. Multiple views allow users to see how items are used throughout the BOM, and filter and search functionality makes it easy to find items. Users can also customize the configuration of the columns and sort the data in order to focus on certain areas.


Issues & Risks

BOM Advantage also leveraged Paradata’s manufacturing expertise and alerted users to issues and risks that threaten the BOM’s health. Data integrity issues helped ensure the data was accurate and clean, while risks warned of items and parts that may eventually be a problem later on in the project lifecycle. Users can click into a category and export a list of issue items. After resolving the issues, users can  upload a new version of the BOM and see their health grade improve. 


Style Guide

Since we were designing a product that was part of a suite of others, we established a visual style that closely followed Paradata’s brand guidlines. The design elements use brand colors and rounded corners to complement Paradata’s logo. 


Ultimately, the product release exceeded business goals and delivered over 1,000% in measurable ROI for the client. Paradata has continued to evolve the product as their business and customers grow.

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